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Summer Holiday Workshops! 
We hope to offer our brilliant holiday workshops again at some point, as they are so much fun. Right now, though, with so much going on during term time, we're not able to offer this. We will update on here any future workshop dates.

To give a flavour of the types of workshops we do, whether it is a 'play in a week' or more specific performance or creative workshops, take a look at our 2022 offerings, which were such great fun! 

Through a variety of drama, yoga and mindfulness activities, our summer clubs are the perfect blend of having fun, developing confidence, learning new skills and increasing both physical and mental wellbeing. This is the time to recharge your batteries, shake off the academic year, make new friends and be yourself! Perfect for children aged 5-12 years!​ Scroll down for more details of what to expect in this exciting workshop experience.

Drama and Yoga...what's that all about?

It may seem like an interesting marriage of disciplines but they are actually very complimentary and some of our exercises overlap in terms of the learning outcomes and skills acquired. The workshops aim to be a really lovely mix between high energy fun and creativity alongside supporting children's development physically, socially and emotionally. 

Working in collaboration with a brilliant Senior Yoga teacher, Chloë Faulkner (Triyoga and Yogarise), we have devised something really different and exciting that we are sure will engage, entertain and inspire children for days of great fun, laughs and exploration.

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In the workshops we’ll focus on your creative development to build a strong foundation for life-long wellbeing. This is not a theatrical boot camp or a yoga retreat, instead, our summer clubs are a safe space for creative exploration and a celebration of each and every individual. Alongside developing your performing arts skills through many fun games and exercises and creating characters, devising and bringing stories to life, you’ll learn movement, mindfulness and breathing techniques to help you relax, better cope with stress and improve your concentration.
This is the time to recharge your batteries, shake off the academic year, make new friends and be yourself!

Perfect for children aged 5-12 years!

You will need to bring:
A reusable water bottle
Lunch (no nuts, sesame or coconut)
Comfortable clothes that you can move freely in
A yoga mat



Venue: St Bartholomew's School

Dates: Wednesday 27 August


Thursday 28 August

Workshop content will be different each day, so one or both days can be booked.

Times: 10.00 - 15.00

Price: £38 per day


Venue: Alleyn's Junior School

Dates: Monday 8th - Friday 12th August

Times: 10.00 - 15.00

Price: £225 for the week

  • My child has never done anything like this before... will they enjoy it
    These workshops are for everyone! If you have a passionate love of drama and salute to the sun every morning or by contrast have literally never done anything like this before, it really doesn't matter. The workshop days are a great mix of high energy, fun filled games and activities to get the body and brain zinging with creativity. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! What is lovely about our workshop and makes it different to many of the drama camps out there is that we are not working (sometimes tunnel-vision) towards a production, which can lead to some hanging around or being 'drilled' in the run up to the show. Every session of our workshop days will be focussed, creative and fulfilling. Children will be challenged and engaged.
  • Do you offer wrap around care
    We provide an immersive workshop which will engage children in activities through the sessions. The nature of the day means that they will likely feel quite tired after the sessions. Extending the day will not give the children the best experience. We are not child care providers and to that end do not offer wrap around care for your child outside of our workshop hours of 10-3.
  • Do you offer sibling discounts
    I have to be honest here... I'm not that tech savvy and have failed to work out how to offer sibling discounts on the booking service! If you are booking for more than one child within your family, we are very happy to offer 20% off for any other children within your household. Please get in touch and we will arrange when booking for siblings.
  • What will a typical day consist of
    We always start every session all together for some fun filled warm up games and exercises. We get the blood puming as we wake up the mind and body ready for more focussed activities. The group then will be split by age so that more tailored sessions in both drama and yoga can take place. Every child has a session of each every morning. After lunch break there will be a short period of time for children to refocus for the afternoon with a creative art project that they can take home and finish after the session. Similar focussed smaller group creative activity sessions will take place in the afternoon. At the end of the days workshop we again come together for another fun game followed by a wind down activity.
  • What do children need to bring
    They need to come dressed ready to move so comfortable clothes are a must. Reusable water bottle. Some snacks and a lunch. Please do not provide any items that include nuts, coconut or sesame. A yoga mat.
  • Do you accept childcare vouchers
    As a theatre education company offering tuition and specialist workshops, we are not set up as a childcare provider. I'm really sorry as I apprecate that that would be helpful to famlies and I hope you are still able to book with us.
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