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Rocket Boots Theatre run Speech and Drama

programmes in two leading London schools.


What are LAMDA Exams?


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art is the largest

speech and drama awarding body in the UK and offers a

comprehensive system of performance evaluation by experts

in education, acting and communication. They aim to…

  • Develop communication skills

  • Acknowledge levels of personal achievement

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • Unlock the imagination

  • Provide a framework in which individual talent can grow


LAMDA Tutorial Aims


All aspects of communication and performance skills are explored and lessons will give your child an appreciation of poetry, prose and play text. Lessons build pupils’ vocal and physical range and confidence, encouraging them to work creatively and sympathetically with others.  Regardless of whether pupils are going to become actors, doctors or lawyers, LAMDA lessons teach pupils to speak clearly with expressive confidence and to develop a host of personal skills that contribute to all-round success. It is our aim for pupils to acquire knowledge and skills AND have fun in a supportive, positive atmosphere.


Enrich your extra curricular activities with LAMDA in your school


LAMDA is an excellent addition to any extra curricular programme and will appeal to a wide range of parents and pupils in your school. Rocket Boots Theatre have devised a tried and tested Speech and Drama Course that leads to pupils taking a LAMDA examination in either Communication or Performance. 


​Teachers can also teach LAMDA privately, in and around the London area. 

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